Personalised Room Spray

$ 75.00

Promote peace and harmony, invite abundance and success, or initiate movement and healing with an energy enhancement spray. This personally tailored room spray will help you bring new energy into a space and your life. Includes high quality essential oils (organic where possible), specifically selected to support your intention.


A bespoke blend of sacred plant essences and high quality essential oils to support your intentions.

These sprays have been used by teachers for their classroom, people starting new jobs and wanting to set the energy in their new space, bus drivers to clear, calm and lift energy of and for their passengers, parents to enhance the home energy, a women refuge safe house to clear heavy or negative energy and support the women with an environment of hope, safety and power, business owners wanting to seed in the new after staff and business changes, (including a relocation and return after Covid lockdown in 2020), and others wanting to enhance and attract positive, uplifting and harmonious energy into their space.

Spray around your room, building, environment or into your energy field 3 – 4 x day

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