How is your relationship with spirit?

Do you have a belief that if you do all the right ‘things’ you will be rewarded?

Are you operating under the misconception ‘this action’ will give me a favourable outcome?

To have no attachment to an outcome or situation can be a challenging skill to acquire. Particularly when our society has an inbuilt sense of entitlement and operates with the linear concept that this step + that step = the desired result and the unconscious premise that ‘If I am good or do the right things, I will be rewarded.’

There is no-one sitting up on high dishing out rewards and punishments. In reality, we live in a pool of energy that is constantly moving and changing. It is neither negative or positive. Our humanness prefers life to be pleasant so we judge life experiences or situations as good or bad, negative or positive relative to its degree of pleasantness, ease or pain.

Life is not linear and a spiritual life is not a transactional relationship. If we are continually doing something in the hope or expectation of being showered by blessings, we will more than likely end up being disappointed and disempowered.

True surrender to spirit requires us to do it differently, to turn our reality, perceptions and responses on their head. To have no sense of entitlement or expectations. To be open to all our experiences as they arise with no attachment or judgement. To ask in the moment, Spirit, what do I need to do here? To be open to Spirit’s plan, which may or may not be in alignment with our personal desires.

We have the opportunity to evolve on our walk upon this earth this lifetime. Part of that evolution can be creating a relationship of true obedience to spirit. But first we need to eliminate any conscious or subconscious expectations of entitlement or reward.

How is your relationship with spirit? Conditional and transactional? Or something far more empowering and evolutionary?


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