What’s your cup of tea?

I recently read a friend’s blog about the capacity we have, to take on extra activities – the PTA, additional work hours, a foster child, an elderly relative, extra responsibilities at work, welcoming new neighbours, fundraising, cleaning up the stream or river bank, volunteering… etc

It got me thinking that not only do we have different capacities to take on these additional tasks, but maybe we also have a ‘service language’. Similar to the love languages but related to how we do our acts of service.

For instance my husband and I are not likely to arrive with freshly baked goodies if you arrive in our neighbourhood, but need kids looked after or a fridge moved? No problem.
Having little proficient hair dressing skills, I am the least able parent to have at Dance practice and exams but am capable and happy to be at the end to help with cleaning up.

As I wrote in my blog, Where do you fit? The uniqueness of you, it’s all about the tapestry of life. We all have our part to play and we bring different skills and capacities to our worlds. I’m more of a help move the fridge and mow the lawn kinda gal, as opposed to many gorgeous friends of mine who arrive with freshly baked goodies, and make regular ‘how are you? calls’ to those in need and have a ready kind ear for listening.

We need the mix of all of these capacities for all the needs to get met. So while I may not greet you with freshly baked muffins or remember that thank you note, I can still honour my language in act of service equally with yours. As can you.

Honour your capacities and acts of service. Your gift is equally valid.