The Full Moon in Libra at 6.55am tomorrow (Sunday 17th April) shines the light on our relationships.

Aries is the ‘I am sign’, the sign of our self identity. And Libra the sign of relationships – how we relate to others. Our growth as a soul sees us move around the zodiacal wheel, from the initiating Aries – learning about and defining ourselves, to pop up above the horizon to learn how to relate to others.

This weekend’s Full Moon is providing a point of tension, attention or opportunity for our relationships.

Remember with a Full Moon, not only is the energy high, but the full moon occurs because the sun is opposite the moon so the moon is reflecting the light of the sun asking you:
What aspects of you in your relationships need attention?

Aries is a fire sign and this Martian energy gives us the energy, drive and passion to go after what we want. Libra is an air sign and this Venusian energy wants harmony, beauty and love.

Potential questions for this Full Moon

  • Am I giving an equal balance of me and we in my relationships?
  • Am I using my Aries drive and energy to create harmony or division?
  • Am I co-operating or forcing my will?

With the influence of Jupiter and Neptune still in play and the theme of rebirth selfless love that Easter brings, maybe this is time to dream about the type of relationships you want?
To be open to limitless possibilities?

True Relating

A true heart-centred relationship is one where each person is whole and meets the other person equally in their wholeness.
True unconditional relating.

Two souls connected, neither dependant upon the other. Instead breathing and growing space created so each rises to their full potential and glory.

I use the 1 + 1 = 3 equation to illustrate this where the total is greater than the sum of the parts because there is space for love or spirit to create magic!

A fully embodied Me offers so much for to a ‘We’

Happy Libra Full Moon!
May we stand fully in our personal power so we can meet equally another.

And if you would like help with a ceremony, you can download my Full Moon Ceremony here.