When did you last acknowledge how amazing you are?

Or are you like many of us, focusing on what is left undone, missing, incomplete or not fully integrated?

No matter where you are in your life, or what has happened in the past, you’ll have acquired skills, gained wisdom, and successfully achieved.

Perhaps you are sitting in your life at the moment, wondering if you have the power to cope, change, grow, or have a different life, to feel empowered and confident to meet the challenges of life on this earth plane – to be the master of your own destiny.

This grey space simply reflects that you have forgotten how fabulously amazing you are.

Yes, you are amazing!

Take a moment now to remember how powerful and awesome you are with this quick exercise:

List all the things you have achieved, overcome or mastered in your life.

Allow yourself 10 minutes and write down everything you can think of. The following prompts may help:

Faced your fear
It might be the time you faced your fear and asked your boss for a raise, left your marriage, stood up for yourself, moved house/country, jumped out of an airplane, went to a function on your own, took a leap of faith, said no…

Perseverance & Tenacity
And what about the time you persevered to get achieve something such a degree or diploma, a marathon/half marathon, finished a project, learnt a new skill…

Making magic
Don’t forget the time you created magic – you did something ‘they’ said couldn’t be done, had faith when logic dictated a different outcome or path, saw the golden lining in a crisis or life challenge, were able to have gratitude for all that crossed your path…

The Good stuff
Owning the ‘good’ stuff you’ve done – been of service without reward, gave without expectation, had compassion for another, chose to forgive, loved yourself despite,,,

In your power
Those times you were confident and courageous – when you grabbed the world or opportunity with both hands, stepped up, rose to an occasion, did some public speaking, got a project or group up and running…

Skills and Gifts
What skills do you have as a result of your past experiences? These might include empathy, compassion, organisation, resilience, humour, strength, loyalty, self-reliance, faith, ability to read a situation, to see the truth beneath, patience…

Take a moment to read through your list. Breathe in each fabulous bit of you and know:

This is the truth of who you are – an amazing, beautiful and incredibly powerful soul.

Let your awesomeness shine brightly and be known at your very core.

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Resonate with you? I’d love to hear your comments below how this has helped you remember who you are.