The Age of Aquarius & 2020

The Aquarian Age heralds the Return of the Divine Feminine – the Return of the Goddess to her rightful place in our lives and in our world. It is a time to honour both the feminine and the masculine. To embody the balance of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. It is a path or task we are all charged with – male and female.

This return of the Goddess requires the dismantling of old patriarchal structures and beliefs, particularly around Power. There is much uncertainty and fear in the world at the moment as these old structures and paradigms fall away and new ones are created.

Perhaps even Covid-19 might also be playing a part in the dismantling?
Can you imagine at any other time in history a mantra for such a world occurrence would be ‘Be kind’? Just a thought…

Back to the dismantling.
‘Power over’ in all its forms: exclusion, discrimination based on difference; might is right; I am right, therefore you are wrong; is becoming Empowerment – Power from within.

A new world is being created. A world based on compassion (for self and others), co-operation and connection. A world of great synergy and honouring of the masculine and feminine at an individual and collective level.

We are still at the baby stage in this process. Each age is a 2,000 yr cycle and we are in the year 2020 – just 20yrs into a 2,000 year cycle or 1% along the path. Certainly early days! And another reason to be kind as we all adjust to the new world being birthed.

I am noticing the entrenched unconscious beliefs around power I hold, and the immediacy of self-flagellation, criticism, judgement and unworthiness when feeling disempowered or out of my depth.

So much to be cleared at a personal level for me in terms of self-compassion, kindness and neutrality. How about you?

PS the picture above is a representation of NZ Tree Fushcia (refer First Light Flower Essences of NZ®) – associated with the archetype of the High Priestess painted by yours truly in 2013 and sits upon my ritual altar in honour of the Goddess.

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