I had the privilege of heading to Cape Reinga last weekend to be part of a drumming circle to send an intentional vibration throughout the world.

This was a spontaneous trip.

While I had seen the event a week or so earlier, it wasn’t until a friend messaged me asking if I was keen that the energy connected.

It felt like a yes, but being in the thick of organising and prepping for the Sacred Honouring Retreat said I would feel into it upon my return.

Feeling into it on Monday evening, the answer was a clear yes. So plans were made.

I had no drum but felt very strongly the call to attend.

The weather forecast wasn’t promising.

I have only been to Cape Reinga once and the weather closed in so much that day that we couldn’t even see the sea or the lighthouse.

But we go where and when Spirit wants us to right?

So raincoat packed!

This event was an international initiative that started small in the States to honour the waters but grew to include many drummers around the globe.

Lions Gate
The date and timing was intentional.

The 8th August is known as Lions Gate Portal.
It relates to a specific astrological alignment that occurs every year when the star Sirius perfectly aligns with Orion’s Belt and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.
(This portal opens every year between July 28 and August 12 but August 8 is considered official activation day.)*

The plan 
For drummers around the world to drum for 2hrs from 11.11am – 1.11pm (their local time).

To drum for peace, harmony, healing – for the waters, the earth, humanity.

At 1.11pm the beat would then be sent onto the next part of the world to pick up.

NZ First up!
Being in NZ and in the first time zone, we started the wave – how cool is that?

Upon our arrival at the Cape, we were welcomed with a powerful Powhiri by members the local iwi Ngati Kuri and led to our drumming space along the path.

The energy and connections were palpable – the energy was set.

11.11am we started.

Remember I said I had no drum?

As it transpired I was gifted a drum. (Gratitude to Betsy ❤)

I couldn’t stop moving my body – the beat of peace and love was weaving its own magic within for me.

We did get a shower or two, but as you can see from the photo, the weather cleared and we could see the meeting of the two seas – the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Even the Three Kings Island was clearly visible when we arrived.

Truly blessed by the Atua.

“For Maori, the meeting of the two seas is where the male sea Te Moana Tapokopoko a Tawhaki (Tasman Sea) meets the female sea Te Tai o Whitireia (Pacific Ocean).

The whirlpools where the currents clash are like those that dance in the wake of a waka (canoe). They represent the coming together of male and female, and the creation of life.”

A perfect reflection of the need for all humanity to have the masculine and the feminine united within.
The active, virile, outward focus in a harmonious dance with the inward, receptive, and nurturing aspects of oneself.
The balance of yin and yang to be consciously co-creating with each other, nature, the heavens.

At 1.11pm along with the many other groups and individuals around NZ we sent the beat to our Australian cousins.

The energy was on its way!

And the beauty of tuning in as we sent that beat forth and again throughout the day, I got a sense of all that peace, love and harmony moving through the world. Magic!

Why the Share?
To give you an insight into how magical life can be.
By tuning in and following my inner knowing or intuition, I was gifted many blessings.
I relaxed into it all with no expectations and was rewarded with deep peace, joy and connection.

Gotta be good for you!

Here’s a summation of my magical experiences:

1. Tuning in
First I tuned into my body and soul to determine if this was for me.

So not my head – with the ‘Should I go?’ question. But an internal reflection to feel into the energy of going, to feel into whether it was a yes or a no.

Do you have a way of tuning into your body for a clear yes and no? , 

For me a yes answer is always a knowing, a certainty, a stability. This stableness and quietness sits in my solar plexus. There are no butterflies or angst, just a ‘clear knowing’ and feels like it is already done or complete and feels strong. There is no questioning.

How about you?

What does it feel like for you?

Where does it sit in your body?

What does a No feel like?

2. Trust
I then proceeded to follow that call in trust. This trust invited:

  • A fab place to stay with sea views (thanks Liz!)
  • A drum to be gifted to me for the duration of the event
  • Deep and powerful connections to the land and its guardians – both spiritual and human, to the other beautiful drumming souls, and to the lands and people beyond
  • My intention for Peace for the world to also be felt and settle deeply and reverently within my own being
  • Clear weather with just the odd shower and a bit of a howling wind to blow away the cobwebs.

3.  Allow that experience of joy and magic to seep into your being
The easiest part!

4.  Gratitude
The next easiest part!

Blessed by the Atua indeed!

May we all discover the way to know our own truth and the support of our earthly, heavenly and cosmic allies and guardians.

May we walk in peace.

With love

And here’s me in my purple beanie, semi unsuccessfully attempting a self with the view in the background!