When did you last sit in nature? 

Trying to snatch a couple of hours of work while out yesterday, I looked for an internet cafe. As I backed into a park just outside the cafe, my whole being cringed as I heard the noise emanating from it.

Did I want to do my two hours here? No.

Instead I headed up the road and sat in some cemetery grounds under some beautiful trees in peace and quiet.

The serenity supported the easy flow of words and ideas. Sitting in dappled light surrounded by our tree relatives was definitely the right option.

How often do we forget the power and nourishment of stillness and nature? Notwithstanding the gift of quietness to our nervous systems, from a purely physical view, there is more oxygen available. That’s got to be good for you!

When did you last take yourself out and sit in nature?

When did you take the opportunity to nourish yourself with and in nature?

When did you last say thank you to nature?

A beautiful old Eucalyptus tree caught my eye as I was leaving. It had beautiful twisting branches that told of reaching up to heaven. I stood and honoured it for its guardianship of the plaques in memory of those passed and was gifted something in return. A delightful surprise.

It is easy to forget the power of stepping outside for a few minutes when we are engrossed and focused on getting the job done. But those 5 – 10mins out in nature might just give us the clarity and space we need to get the job done more efficiently and effectively.

Many blessings as we remember the power of nature to restore and inspire us.

I’d love to hear how this has this helped you connect back to and be healed by nature. 
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