Libra is associated with love, relationships and relatedness, balance, beauty, harmony and cooperation. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus and Venus is the planet of love and gifts us connection, and the quality of attraction for those things that hold heart value.

Mirror of relationships

Libra heralds the move from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. At this time, it can be helpful to look at the relationship we have with ourselves, as this is what we then bring into our relationships.

As the quote above says:

“Only in relationship, can you know yourself, not in abstraction and certainly not in isolation” Krishnamurti

The new moon in Libra offers us the chance to know ourselves through the mirror of our relationships. It’s certainly much easier to be calm, compassionate and loving towards the world when sitting in an ashram or cave, but often less so when being in the world!

Sacred interactions

Today’s new moon gives us the opportunity to bring sacredness into our interactions and relationships. It asks us to walk the higher road of compassion and cooperation. To find the balance between two opposing ends of the spectrum. To see both sides of the argument.
With its theme of balance, indecision can be a less positive aspect of Libra energy. The potential here is to work with Venus and come from the heart to make decisions, not the mind.

Self-contained harmony

Most Librans I know have a light-hearted approach to life. They embody the beautiful quality of self-containment. Not the restrictive tight quality of containment that is sometimes associated with Virgo, rather a more relaxed sense of ease with who they are and their place in the world.

Loving expression

Venus is also associated with the Throat Chakra which expressing through Libra gives the opportunity to express our loving truth – to be able to say No and confront opposition or unpleasant situations when needed.
Libra accepts difference – remember the ability to see both sides? This capacity brings tolerance and compassion.

What would you say or do differently if you came from the heart in your interactions and relationships?

What would compassion look like in your daily life? For yourself? 

One of the most powerful question you can ask is:
What would love do?

The new moon falls in 2° Libra which relates to the First Light© Flower Essence Lovers Daisy – The Love Essence.

The First Light© Flower Essence Lovers Daisy Deva’s Blessing is:

“I bring the gift love.
Through me you experience the power of your own Divinity. Never losing sight of yourself… forever held in the embrace of the Self”

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber Sacred Plant Medicine Volume 1 1st Edition

This essence helps us to stay true to ourself, and to know the power of love. Supports empowered relating, expressing one’s true self and undiminished power in relationship. Helps us to work together as a unit in dynamic powerful relationship and have a healthy attitude to relating and a healthy relationship with self.

Lovers Daisy can also assist when drawn into negative, obsessive or karmic relationship patterns, for those who give away their power in relationships and prone to victim/saviour patterns, co-dependency and relationship power struggles.

My midheaven sits in Lovers Daisy and I have been enjoying working with Lovers Daisy as I redefine and reweave my relationships including that with myself.

Perhaps we can seed in some love, harmony and tolerance for the world and ourselves this lunar month. Imagine if all relationships were seeded from love? What a different world we would live in.

I’d love to hear what the Libra New Moon brings to light for you!

New Moon Ceremony

If you would like to work with the new moon energy, you can download my New Moon Ceremony here.

Loving Libra Support

Oh, and if you would like to work with the harmonising energy of Libra, I would be happy to make up a Sacred Plant Remedy Essence for you with the three Libra essences: Lovers Daisy (the Love Essence), Wineberry (the Co-operation Essence) and Hinau (the Sacred Space Essence).

Cost: $58 ($50 + $8 P&P).

Simply let me know by return email including your delivery address and it will be winging its loving way to you.

Here’s to beautiful new beginnings and more harmony.

Wishing you many moonful blessings!

With love