With Easter this weekend, the Christian-based faiths honour the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ – an ultimate example of unconditional love, hope and faith but also the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Remembering that everything is energy, even if you do not have a particular religious affinity or belief, Easter is part of the collective energy we are all connected to which means:

  1. You may have been feeling a bit out of sorts, angry, agitated, sad, or despondent as the unconscious impact of the collective or mass consciousness was felt
  2. We can work with these energies of death, rebirth, hope, faith and bring about transformation

By death I do not mean physical death. I refer instead to the dying to the old, to the outworn. The letting go and releasing of that which holds us trapped. Identifying beliefs and behaviours or experiences that no longer serve or reflect our inner truth. Those actions, thoughts and memories that prevent our full truth and joy radiating.

So what might working with death and rebirth look like?

My personal experience – Forsaken, Faith and Letting Go

Yesterday, being Good Friday, is the day acknowledging the act of Christ’s crucifixion.
With a very limited religious exposure (church was never a regular feature in our household) I am always intrigued that Christ’s alleged words upon the cross are in my consciousness, which I recall as being: “Father, why have you forsaken me?”

With Kawakawa* the Faith Essence stepping forward the day before, I felt called to:

  • Release and heal those pains of the past – the times in my life that I have felt forsaken with spirit
  • Travel with faith and a light heart. (Kawakawa* is one of the 22 plant essences with a focus on soul growth. It can help one live life from a place of faith and belief in the benevolence of the universe)
  • Divest the default mode of always ‘bracing myself to prevent smashing myself on the rocks in the rapids of life’. Some of these rocks I brace against included my own judgements of self, fear of letting others down and of not ‘being up to the task’. Perhaps you can relate?

And yes there were some tears.

Resting on the river bank

An enquiry: “What would make life one of more ease rather than continually bracing?”

The answer:

Pull up onto the river bank, bask in the sunshine, rest and eat some lunch – which appeared in the form of cheese and homemade plum jam sandwiches!

Hmm, who would have thought joy and ease would be symbolised by cheese and jam sandwiches.
Perhaps there is a sweet and sour deeper meaning here?… Something to percolate on.

Shadows and the Light

There is a concept called Christ Consciousness which refers to the actualisation of our oneness with all and our inherent divinity.
Whilst on my friend’s table, in vision I saw the heaviness of those shadows. The pain of being forsaken and the effort of continually bracing, weighing me down and preventing me from knowing fully my own Christ light or Christ Consciousness – the Christos.

As those shadows and heaviness lifted I was standing free and unfettered – Radiantly shining.

Magical Alchemy & The Christos

From the Eighth Ray Magic Handbook of Celestial Wisdom, Alchemy, Magic and Ritual by Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber, the Christos “is that part of ourselves that is pure light and is that within us that confers upon us our true humanness.  The Christos is the living heart of our inner temples that is the abode of the sacred inner light. The Christos can be likened to being a metaphysical or spiritual DNA which holds within it the pattern of our lineage; a lineage of light.” (Page 246)

Resurrection & Ritual

Tomorrow (Easter Sunday) is the day that Christ’s resurrection is celebrated.

A rising.

A rebirth.

Working with the powers of resurrection and ritual, tomorrow I’ll be undertaking an anointing ritual to attune to and strengthen my relationship with my inner Christos, my inner sun, my inner light.

To rise again like the sun does each day – to be born again of light.

(This Eighth Ray Christos Anointing Ritual is just one of the powerful magical alchemical rituals contained within Franchelle’s book).


What can you die to?

What light can you be born of?


Wishing you ease of transformation and rebirth this weekend!

And if you require need some support letting go, regaining faith, joy and ease, or help on your path of personal transformation, please contact me. I’d be honoured to assist.


With love