This morning I was reading about an astrological conjunction that is occurring next week, (courtesy of

Jupiter and Neptune will be conjunct (effectively side by side) in the early hours of 13th April (for us here in NZ or on 12th April for Northern Hemisphere).

The author talked of it being “a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity,” saying that “something may get awakened – a possibility, a hope, a new vision for the future.”
Furthermore, she said : “The beauty of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces is not only a deep understanding of what has otherwise been confusing or limiting, but also a revelation around what our purpose in life is, of how we can best serve the collective. When we sing the same song as the universe, we finally find our place in the world.”

This really resonated with me as this last week there have been many droplets into my awareness around the voice, singing, the power of vibration, whales, the world and the songlines – the energetic pathways that keep the world in balance.

We, just like the whales are part of these songlines. The world is vibration and everything we do has an impact on the world and the people around us. What we do, the actions we take and the energy we radiate affects the fabric of the universe. The holding of the energy of compassion, truth, self-worth, and tolerance within our own holistic being, has a powerful presence and impact.

So this week’s inspiration is about being aware of the presence you are and hold.
This paddleboarder’s encounter with a Whale is a perfect example of power of presence, compassion, connection, and a little curiosity as well.

A reminder to first and foremost have compassion for yourself and an added wish that you may know fully the power that your love and compassion holds for the world and all who reside in and on it.

With much love

Picture credit: ‘They sing to remember us’ by Lucy Campbell Instagram or Facebook