The seasons of our emotions

Our emotions are part of the waters that flow through us. Our tears one of the ways for those emotions to move and flow.

When we do not allow this flow to occur, we interrupt natural rhythms and flows.

Like the seasons that occur, everything passes. Winter rolls into spring, spring grows into summer, summer releases to become autumn, and autumn eventually fades to winter.

Our emotions can be similar; despair can become hope, joy can fade into misery, and pain can transform into power. All is transient and impermanent. But sometimes we can hold onto the sun in fear of seeing the dark of the night or winter, or perhaps we remain with sadness because it feels comfortable and known rather than allowing a little light and growth in.

This morning as I allowed myself a few minutes to cry, I allowed the flow of the waters, the seasons of my emotions, to occur. This flow enabled the winds of change to blow through and the sunshine to arrive.

Do you allow the seasons of your emotions to flow knowing that they will pass or do you block and prevent them?

My daughter came home with this quote last Thursday:

Many blessings as we navigate the seasons of our emotions knowing we are not them, that they do not define us, or control us. They are simply energy moving and changing and can be observed as such.

May you find the neutrality to observe and know that like the clouds that move across the sky, this too shall pass