Who would have thought meeting your new accountant would affirm the sacred purpose of women?

Yesterday was our annual meeting with the Accountant.

“How is your revenue generated?” he asked.
“Through consultations” I responded.

“What sort of work do you do?” he asked.
“Soul and spiritual healing” I responded.

“Oh, do you do Shamanic Healing? I had Shamanic Healing in Byron Bay and it was mind blowing.”

And so we had a discussion about the power of light, spiritual healing and the reality that there is more to our existence than just the physical.
We spoke about how this is the Age of Aquarius, that the old paradigm of power over is no longer valid, and the role women have to play in the changing of the consciousness of the world.
And that men will be led by women*.

“Do you know the Kabbalah?” he asked.
“It says that women will show the way for men.”

Who would have thought?

With love and in awe at the magical breadcrumbs spirit drops into our lives!

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