New Moon in Pisces

On Thursday (3rd March) this week, we have a New Moon in 12° Pisces at 6.35am. Pisces is a water sign and associated with unity, mysticism, imagination, creativity, sensitivity, and selfless service. It is ruled by Neptune; the planet of dreaming, transcending and merging.

If we look at the symbol (or glyph for Pisces) ♓️ we can see two curves joined by a single line – unified. Unified by love.

Pisces energy can be dreamy, but also gifts us faith and hope. It calls us to hear the inner whisperings of our creativity, intuition, and experience of union with the Divine. To remember we are a spark of Divinity – as above, so below.

  • How can your heart open to love, to the Divine?
  • Do you have the gentle murmurings of creativity bubbling within asking to be seen or heard?
  • What’s your favourite way to link into and experience the Divine?
    • Perhaps you could use a dream journal to note down all your dreams. State your intention before going to sleep and then as soon as you wake, write them down. If not documented immediately, they often disappear into the ethers like whisps of smoke.

New Moon Download for you

To help your percolation and discovery, you can download my New Moon Ceremony suggestions here.


May you connect more fully with your intuitive knowing, your creative flow and the Divine within.

With much love