A new day, a new start, new potentials

Every day is an opportunity to start afresh, to start anew. Do you take advantage of this or are you holding yourself back by the memories or experiences of the past?

We have huge potential within us. Think of all the skills you have learnt and the achievements you have made in your lifetime. Walking, talking, cycling or driving may be just some major achievements you have accomplished as you reached beyond your pre-existing level of operating.

We do not attain those skills by believing we can’t do them. We do not let any perceived failure stop us from trying again. We start again and again with renewed focus and energy.

Do you start each day with renewed focus and energy or do you still carry the mistakes, pain, failures or beliefs of the previous day, week, month, year, decade or lifetime with you?

Will you believe in your potential or will you let the past prevent you from the full expression of joy that you are?

In the words of Henry Ford:

Whether you think you can or think you can’t,
you’re right

Where are your thoughts today?

May we believe and know our limitless power. Many blessings for a new day each and every day.


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