Today we have a New Moon at 6.45pm at 12° Aquarius.
Aquarius is the sign of the Individual, Freedom, Innovation and Humanity. It asks us to honour and celebrate our individuality as we contribute to humanity.

Beyond the self

Aquarius asks us to look beyond our personal selves to a transpersonal view (literally reaching beyond our own self). The call is to recognise the power of the individual collectively. Centred, confident, empowered and whole individuals standing collectively creates something magical and indeed powerful.

Imagine a world where each person knows the importance, value and beauty of another but does not need another (or something) to feel whole. Imagine how much energy would be freed up to co-create harmony and peace in the world!

Year of the Tiger

Today also heralds the Chinese New Year which is the year of the Tiger. There are many sites you can access to see what the energy the Year of the Tiger brings, but this morning I was reflecting on the potential influence and correlation of Tiger and Aquarius.

Unlike most of the cat family, tigers are at ease in the water. They have moved beyond the group (species) behaviours and consciousness about water. This resonates with the influence of Aquarius which asks us to individuate – to move out of mass consciousness (and mass unconsciousness).

To find our own uniqueness and our own sovereignty.

To carve our own path and evolve in the way that is affirming for us.

Seeds of self value and contribution

So with the new energy of Aquarius this evening and the Year of the Tiger what sees might you plant this month?

What does your own sovereignty look like?

How do you honour your own uniqueness?

What value or gifts do you bring and express (or want to) in the world for the betterment of humanity?

This might be big or small.
Remember we all have a part to play and neither is better than the other. We need all the flavours, colours and threads to weave a new world.

And apparently 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger!
Don’t you just love the magic?

New Moon Download for you

I will be setting and sending my intentions and love out this evening with a new moon ritual. To help your percolation and discovery, you can download my New Moon Ceremony suggestions here.


May you honour and embrace your unique opportunity and contribution to the greater good.

With much love

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