Is your life story a well thumbed book?

Is there a recurring theme or story in your life? Is your character a victim or a hero? Do you find yourself replaying the same scenes or chapters in your life over and over again? Perhaps it is the ‘I am always betrayed in love’ story, ‘My family/partner/boss don’t understand me’ story, ‘I never have enough (money, love, time, acknowledgement), or perhaps the ‘I am always… unlucky, left out, misunderstood, on my own, left cleaning up everyone else’s mess…’ story.

Time for a new one?

What are the recurring themes or experiences in your life that do not serve you? Are you prepared to dance a new dance, and create a new story?

Three steps to create a new story

  1. Write an affirmation to consolidate and seed in the new way of being eg I am loveable, I attract trustworthy people in my life, I always have enough time, money etc, I am feeling more comfortable every day with my solitude…
  2. Change the energy. Visualise or get a sense in your body of the new experience or character. Breathe in and ‘feel’ how being understood would feel. How would it look? Is there a colour, a symbol? Breathe it in.
  3. Take action. You may need to change some habits or daily routines, or even the people you hang out with. Perhaps you need to get up earlier, amend your eating habits, take up a new hobby, or spend less time with those people who condone or support your recurring themes or behaviours.

Essence blends and soul healing consultations are incredibly effective at helping release and let go old outdated stories. Email me if you would like some energetic support, I would be honoured to assist. For more information on consultations or remedies click here. Many blessings as we work to release the outdated stories of our lives and rise anew to shine our lights even brighter.