The truth of foraging – a week in

Well, here we are over a week in. My husband and I are both feeling better, definitely lighter in mind and body. I know my palate has changed, and my smell and taste senses are much more acute.

The hard bits! 

Some of the meals have been a little hard to stomach with the strong taste and textures challenging. For me the brassicas have proved the most challenging.
Some days you just want something warm – I have enjoyed cooked onion and beetroot. Last week’s omelete was very welcome! (Although didn’t enjoy the egg so much).

Lack of variety
In her book ‘Simply Living’ Gwen Skinner says “it has been estimated that a forager needs approximately 20 square kilometres to sustain one person.” I am lucky enough to live in the country on some land but even so can appreciate that you need more scope to get a broader range.

Depleted garden!
We have depleted our garden supplies and it will be a month of so before the next round of produce is ready. (NOTE TO SELF: Ensure garden blossoming ties into timing for such an undertaking!).

The good bits!

Feeling much more connected to Mother Earth and her pulse. There is a deeper level of contentment and ease – a move from the head to the heart and the physical. Walking around the property allows for connection to the trees, the birds singing, gratitude for the sun and rain. More at one with nature and the world.

We are eating much more consciously. There is less mindless or distracted eating and we are defintely eating less – probably eating 30 – 50% less with minimal hunger pains. I put this down to the high nutritional value we are ingesting without low nutiritonal fillers and eating when truly hungry.

My skin is feeling softer and we have definitely have lost some pounds.

The extras

In addition to weeds and produce from the garden have also had the following:

  • A little avocado occassionally to salads
  • Had egg twice
  • Onions and garlic. 1/2 clove of raw garlic daily for any parasites that may be lurking
  • Had some mushrooms one meal with my greens
  • To support bowels have been taking psyllium husks
  • Grapefruit seeds – these taste pretty bitter but are full of wonderful health benefits.
  • I have juiced a few times and added cinnamon

My husband is more active during the day than I, so have supplemented his meals with a small amount of rice or potatoes and added carrots to his salads.

I have been having weed and herb teas, having sage, thyme, pineapple sage and mint in my garden.

  • I have nettle, peppermint and licorice tea in my pantry. Nettle tea has been my preferred choice so far.
  • We have been using Himilayan Black Salt and freshly ground pepper

Next step

With a reduced garden supply, thought I would take the opportunity to do a life-ehancing fast for the next week or two. I will be following Jason Shon Bennet’s fast protocol from his book Eat less, Live long. Not a lot changes except that he includes seeds for breakfast, a vegetable juice for lunch and a potato or kumara skin broth for supper. I will probably include the seeds in my lunch juice which will include celery, foraged greens (dandelion, herb robert, plantain, cleavers, clover and last bits of Kale and Cavolo Nero from our garden steamed with water added to juice). May also include coconut water.

We have a large box of grapefruit from a friend so will include a bit of juice as well as some peel and pith as well. Lots of goodness in that pith!

Next challenge

Will be interesting to see if anything changes with new exercise being started this week. Have indoor netball tomorrow and touch on Friday.
Several years ago, I lived on salads over the summer time whilst also making my first foray into being a ‘real runner’ at the same time. Even taking my shoes with me on holiday to run 6 – 12kms every morning. My ‘limit’ up until then had been 7kms and the word associated with running was hard! This was accomplished with no ill or side effects, or pains whatsover over a period of a couple of months. Trusting this will be the same again albeit if I am close to 10 years older!

The greatest benefit so far? 

The deeper sense of connectedness to spirit. I am enjoying more settled and presentness. My ‘edge’ of irritation has gone. My intention was to connect with my body in a different way, to enter into a deeper relationship with Mother Earth and to live my authentic truth. It feels like I am well on my way.

I’m off to gather greens for our lunch!

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