Have you truly observed yourself recently? Selfies not included!

I’ve have had the joy of seeing myself on film quite a bit recently as we get EnSoul ready for launch. It is an interesting process to see how my face and smile are engaged, or not, when thinking or not interacting with people. It has shown me how serious my ‘resting’ and ‘thinking’ face is.

How about you?
Check in with yourself now as you read this. Are you frowning?

Working with last week’s Say Yes! to smiling, I have been implementing a new mode of normal. It is amazing how putting my attention on ‘I choose to smile’ lifts my thoughts and energy.
A friend enlisted the help of his kids to check the smile on his face and said it became a game. Yay, more fun in the life!

How about you? What message is your face giving the world? You don’t have to get yourself filmed, although it can be insightful, just bring your attention to your face while thinking or working.

Many blessings as we stay curious and light-hearted and bring more openness to ourselves and the world around us.

I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you embrace a smile or two.
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Photo credit: Yosarian via Wikimedia Commons