Getting what you ask for

Every year as we prepare to celebrate my daughter’s birthday just before Christmas, I am reminded of our power to manifest and that spirit has a sense of humour.

In my youth with the total clarity of youthful judgement and preconceptions, I said, “I don’t want an Aries child” (too self-centred – and before I offend all you gorgeous Aries, I know differently now) “or a child born at Christmas” (so unfair for them).

Well, with a birthday in the last week of December and an April birthday, guess what? I got exactly what I asked for!

Two gorgeous reminders of three universal truths:

A) The universe doesn’t hear the ‘I don’ts  – just the wishes that follow
B) What you resist persists!
C) Beware of preconceptions – they are often untruths

That Aries? An absolute treasure, a beautifully compassionate and considerate soul.
That unfair Christmas grumble? Never seen or heard. Only total joy upon receiving presents and attention.

Two perfect embodiments of spirit’s sense of humour and the perfect outworking of the divine plan!

What a gracious way to be reminded how to live a spiritually defined and inspirited life!


Does this way of looking at and understanding of life resonate with you?

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