What in your life is on hold?

What have you got on hold til you are braver, have more courage, are thinner, fitter, more polished, have the right house, car, partner…?

The passing of my sister last week and her marriage a week earlier has prompted much reflection on what we don’t do until the time or circumstance is right.

Sometimes the time is not logically right, but in our heart and soul it is.

What is your heart wanting to do that your head is saying wait to? What are you waiting until you are braver or have more time, money, confidence, support to do?

For me, I have been looking at social media and videos in paticular, knowing they could play an important part in reaching more people. But man have I been resistant!
So this morning, Easter Sunday, I leapt out of bed and took action. Here’s the proof of my commitment to living more fearlessly and stop waiting for perfection – a raw, first-take, unedited video about this topic posted on facebook.


If your heart and soul are saying Yes! The time is now.
Stop waiting for the right time because as you know the time is always right!

With much love as we move in the direction of heart and spirit, and discover new horizons and rise to new lives!


I’d love to hear our comments how this has helped you embrace life. Remember to share!