Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes

I along with my husband, recently had the experience of being judged for perceived inaction around an incident in our household. I was intrigued to notice how affected I was by the comments, assumptions and conclusions made.

As a family, we have some intense challenges facing us at the moment, and as a rule, we deal with life and its challenges in a neutral, calm and unhurried way. This, more often than not, serves us well as we are then able to determine what the best course of action is.

As the pressure intensifies and the end of a mortal life comes closer, I realise that even though most of me is at ease and understanding around this, there is an underlying vulnerability that has risen to the surface this week. This meant the comments and judgements hit hard at my heart.

What was my learning?

  • I took a good hard look to see if there was some truth in the accusations… yes a little and track this a little further – was lack or fear preventing me/us from taking quicker action? … yes a little there too. Commit to being more fearless.
  • Why was I bothered by others’ opinions…. Have I got the appropriate support and resources in place at this time? (Both internally and externally) A bit of Sword Fern for neutrality, Toothed Lancewood to remove psychic barbs and Black Shield Fern to support energetic protection.
  • Did I truly know the truth and reality of the situation? Yes. Believe in that and myself/ourselves.

The interesting thing is that we were intending to take action last week but circumstances prevented that occurring then, so today was/is the day. I am sure the commenters will assume that it was because of them action was taken. And so what if they do? And feel appropriately justified? Perhaps this was an opportunity for them to voice their voice? What I do know, is the world needs more kindness, more compassion and less judgement. Many blessings as we have compassion for another, never knowing what their path is or has been.

I’d love to hear your comments how this has this helped you embrace compassion. You can either click the comments title above or go to the comments below.

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