Counting my blessings today having recently returned from six days of peace, quiet reflection and soul sustenance. In the words of a good friend – Scrummy!

For the first two days I am sure I just sat looking at the lake!

Blue skies, exquisitely warm water, abundance of nature, no place to be or go and nothing to be other than… be. Incredibly nourishing. Incredibly blessed.

Perhaps you can relate?
• The settling back into connection and calm after a prolonged period of busyness or stress?
• That In-Breath that occurs which makes you wonder how long you have been holding your breath
• Slowing down to a pace that means you travel at 80kms on the motorway when your usual pace is at least 100kms! (Yes that was me on my trip down)

Ambling walks where gentle wise Koromiko called to me as well as the majestic Walnut trees laden not only with unripened green husked nuts but also of childhood memories with many a day was spent high up in the branches of our Walnut tree.

Walnut magic

I’m always looking for the magic and deeper meaning to life so when my friend (the ‘scrummy’ one above) offered me walnuts yesterday, it was time to delve deeper into the message Walnut offered. Can’t ignore spirit’s whispering.

“Walnut tree is a symbol of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration. It’s synonymous with intellect and mental aptitude – even the nuts resemble the brain!
Native Americans see the Walnut as a symbol clarity and focus, gathering of energy, and beginning new projects.”

As I settle this week into my planning for the year felt this insight was perfect. Yes! I do have some new projects coming up to nourish and delight you this year, including a couple of soul nourishing retreats, and a Sacred Purpose Workshop – Women as Vision Holders. Details will be arriving in your inbox shortly.

And not forgetting the wisdom of the herbal Doctrine of Signatures, I’m always happy to have a bit of brain support Walnut offers.

May this find you well and enjoying your own magic.

Of course, if you need some support to settle and find the calm within the chaos, taking that in-breath, or help to navigate life and embrace change, please get in touch.

With much love

PS for more understanding about Doctrine of Signatures, try this article by Nature’s Sunshine.