Still surviving, may be even thriving!

Two weeks down and into Day 1 of second week of fast and all good so far. Tongue still looking unclear.

Only downside to report is a little boredom yesterday. Wasn’t hungry for food but had a desire for something else! Please to report did not succumb, just brewed up a cup of cleaver, dandelion and plantain tea instead!

So what am I having on my fast?

First up, apple cider vinegar with a little water
1/2 glass Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
Cup of hot water with lemon juice which I sip throughout the morning. May have a couple of these.

I often have a dandelion leaf or two. Dandelions are my new best friend!

Today’s picture is the majority of what goes into my lunch juice:
Celery, dandelions, the wilted greens from yesterday’s tea, last bit of pineapple from fridge, spirulina, brewers yeast, linseeds, grapefruit seeds, ginger – both powdered and fresh, mint and a little cinnamon.

Wild greens tea.

I do have some psyllium husks in the everning.


Did you know?

You may know cleavers better as bidibid? Yes that sticky plant has medicinal qualities!

cleaversCleavers has a well-known tradition of being extremely beneficial for your lymphatic system.  Your lymphatic system is a fluid system in your body that collects cellular waste for elimination and plays an important role in your immune system. It is no accident that cleavers appears in abundance in spring and autumn in our gardens.  These seasons are the perfect times for an internal spring clean.


Try some Cleavers Tea

My husband and I have made cleavers tea simply by picking a bunch of Cleavers and simmering in water for 10-20mins. This tea can be sipped throughout the day. It has a mild taste, one that is definitely palatable. Tempted?

Or you could just drop a little into your next steamed greens dish. Take the smaller, younger leaves as they will be more tender.

Til next time.