I recently read Sally Anderson’s book Freefall and loved her take on making and sustaining change and transformation in our lives. She challenges us to look at what we are committed to in our lives and that what we are truly committed to shows in the results we get. (That which we are not committed to, shows in the lack of results!)

Using weightloss and smoking as examples she says: “Globally, what we are getting is people who can’t sustain weight loss, which shows that telling themselves they want to lose weight is what they are committed to, not to actually achieving their ideal weight.”
“Though people say they’ve been trying to quit (smoking) forever, in reality they’re far more interested in sedating their anxiety…

(Sally openly admits to being overweight, smoking, drug and other dysfunctional behaviours for 20 years so is not judgementally preaching. She’s just not letting us off the hook!)

This lack of commitment is not just at the physical, it could be relationships, other behaviours and beliefs. It could also be a way of being, a way of living, or the embodiment of a value or set of values, or a course of action.

What in your life are you committed to?
What are you prepared to change, let go of or move beyond to honour that commitment and make it a reality?


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