How clean are your interactions?

Do you bring the weight of expectations or judgements to your relationships?

Or perhaps you sprinkle the encounter with the pain of past experiences?

Maybe you leave behind the responsibility for you feeling good or happy?

We potentially leave little bits of energetic dust or debris every time we engage with others. This dust can result from a desire for a certain outcome eg I hope they like me, or give me the answer or response I want, or perhaps it is the overlay of previous encounters and past experiences that sprinkle an influence of hurt, frustration and expectation?

Imagine if every interaction you had with a person, animal, plant, or other sentient being left no imprint behind, only a strengthening of their own light and power?

The best gift we can give another is a remembrance of their own divinity.

As we engage with the world, we literally and figuratively leave footprints behind.
How heavy and permanent will yours be?

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