Nature moves with a rhythm.
Sitting in quietness of the morning yesterday, the poplar trees devoid of all their leaves reminded me that winter is just around the corner.

The cycle of release is an important part of this rhythm. The leaves that fall to the ground in autumn provide nourishment for spring growth and summer abundance.

The energy of autumn is not just for nature. We can also work with the energies of divesting and release.

When something is released, it creates space for something new to come in.

What do you need to release to allow something new to be nourished and come to life?

What is dry, shrivelled and wrinkled and asking to be let go of?

A belief? A way of being, or thinking about yourself? Maybe a relationship, a habit or even a goal, dream or desire?

I’ve been digging deep into my beliefs to identify those that no longer serve. This includes releasing the need to be responsible for more than I need to be.

How about you?
What might the rhythm of nature and autumn support you to release?

I’d love to hear. Reply to this email and let me know!

And if you need help letting go of a person, situation or place, you could work with my Cord Cutting Exercise.
(Also includes a recorded guided meditation around 6.5mins long).

With much love as we embrace the power of release and letting go and create space for magic!