What are you waiting for?

We are very blessed to be living in the age that we do. We have a great capacity to create a magical life. The key is to take full responsibility for the part we play in the creation of our lives. There are many subtle and hidden ways we give away our power and as a result can feel powerless in our lives.

Are you waiting for:

  • Something to happen to or for you before you are happy?
  • Someone else to change so life will be better, more fun, easier?
  • The answer to be handed to you on a plate or in big flashing neon lights?
  • Spirit, God, Universe, the government, your partner, parents to provide for you?
  • The easy way?

We are totally supported in this life of ours. However, this does not mean we can just sit on our couch and it will arrive. That is the old time paradigm of blind faith where we just had to believe, repent our sins and we were saved. Now we live in the age of free-will and co-creation. We have to play an equal part in the creation of our lives.

Want to change your life? Look first to the self and initiate change from there:

  • Want more clarity? Clean your windows or cleanse the body.
  • Want energy to shift? Take action and do something different, move your body, clean your house.
  • Want more nurturing relationships? Start honouring and respecting yourself, your body, your gifts, your contribution to the world. Speak kindly to and about yourself.
  • Want more peace in the world or in your life? Be at peace with yourself and the world.

As we take a step forward the universe conspires to meet us. But we have to take the step first.

May we be courageous, brave and creative as we step into the fullness and joy of co-creation. Many blessings for the week ahead.

Like this? I would love to hear how this has prompted or supported you to take action

Image credit: Pleaides Star Goddess by Kathryn Skaggs