I recently got my shoes out and started walking again.

It’s been a couple of years since I took to the pavements and gave my body the opportunity to delight me again.

It did not disappoint.

9 days in and 30kms under the belt. Aren’t our bodies amazing?!

And relatively unscathed – the first day my hip stabilisers let me know they had been engaged in a different activity than usual and a little plantar fasciitis popping in occasionally. (Just to keep me on my toes – pun intended!)

The thing is I have known ‘I should’ do something to support my physical body. But ‘shoulds’ rarely get us moving. For me, they just pile on the guilt when you don’t do it. You?

Even the words of Nike – ‘Just Do It’ may not be enough to get you over the line or in my case, feet out the door.

Knowing is very different from doing.

So what changed?

I had become very aware that my Achilles’ Heel, is my tendency to get lost in mental stimulation. I love to learn, and solve problems and understand how things fit together and relate.
While this natural strength has lots of positive impacts, I also have Jupiter sitting in the 6th house in the sign of Gemini. So the planet of expansion and excess in the house of work (plus daily routine, health) and in the air sign of Gemini which rules the mind, logical thinking and learning.

This manifests for me as a tendency to do just a little more computer work, then just a little more, and then one more thing.

All this ‘head work’ impinges on my ‘body’ work, my ‘soul’ work, my ‘relationship’ work.

I have to be very disciplined at containing the energy and time spent. If I don’t then my physical care goes west, and then my spiritual practices.

How about you?

What’s your Achilles’ heel?

What undermines you and your balance?

The turn key for me?

In my own personal Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis programme I recently restored the magical power of Willpower. This combined with the clear awareness of my Achille’s Heel, meant that the aspects of my will which had been lost were fully integrated giving me indomitable resolve and staying power. The vision I saw of me walking in the rain showed me that come rain or shine, I would be walking. I knew it was done!

That’s the beauty of Esoteric Hypnotherapy. Absolute magic!

If you have an Archilles’ Heel you would like to see resolved and healed, let’s chat on a free 20min Connection Call and see if the 9 week Esoteric Hypnosis programme is a fit for us both.

With much love as we embrace our strengths and weaknesses and move forward into a life of joy, fulfilment and power as my time on the computer is up!