What’s blocking your path and preventing you from moving forward?

There are many things that can prevent us from moving forward, including fear, lack, sadness, beliefs, stress, and confusion. This morning, upon reflection, mine was lack of joy. I had forgotten that one of my ‘jobs’ is to celebrate. To celebrate all of life, the miracle of life and the miracles that unfold, to feel and see the wind in the trees, hear the birds singing and seeing them happily collecting their seeds. My ‘job’ to hold the joy of celebration within my whole being, within every cell.

What’s your ‘job’?

Find your blockage and find your ‘spiritual job’. Perhaps your blockage is fear. What courage can you call upon, see around you, or embody? Or maybe stress is your key? What connects you back to your centre that you can own and embody calm? What about confusion? Where and when have you had clarity? What are you clear about? What can you do to allow your vision to be clear, so clarity becomes who you are? Our ‘spiritual job’ is to hold and embody qualities or expressions of the divine. Not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. So what’s your ‘job’? Remember, it is up to us. Only we can change our own experiences and our lives. Many blessings as we work with that which blocks our path, and celebrate the joy and power within. Like this? You are welcome to share with a friend