Topping up the tank

When did you last take time out? Switch off your phone? Disconnect from the internet? Sit or walk quietly in nature?

With most of us back at work after the Christmas break, it is all too easy to get back into the full swing of a busy life.

10 minutes to give new insight

Taking even ten minutes in nature, listening to the birds, watching the bees, or soaking in the beauty of flowers will allow your nervous system a brief rest.
This in turn will often provide new insights and clarity for the tasks before you. How often have you walked away from something that is just not coming together only to find upon your return that the answer or solution was there all the time?

Take 10 now

  • Put your attention on something from nature. It could be a potted plant in your office, the clouds and sky outside, a plant growing in the crack of a footpath, a spider weaving its web, a bird singing or even the picture above
  • Focus on your breathing for three to five breaths
  • Allow your body and mind to be present to the gifts of nature

Many blessings as we find simple ways to connect with nature, nurture our nervous systems and top up our tank.

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