Worry is an interesting experience. It dissipates and lowers our energy, promotes frenetic non-productive energy, (scurrying and hurrying), and closes doors.

These doors are the doors of spiritual or divine support. Continually worrying about something that may or may not happen does not allow spirit to ‘work it’ out.

Do you believe in a higher power? 

If so, then why would you not assume spirit, God, the Universe (insert your name for the higher power), has it covered? Is this showing faith?

Which part of you erroneously thinks you have more answers or solutions than the Divine?

What if the worry was a sign to hurry and scurry back to faith? 

Worry creeps in often when our faith or our vibration is low. (Or both).
What if we saw worry as an opportunity to turn our faces back towards the sun and lift our vibration? To reaffirm our faith in the Divine Plan and reconnect to the part of us that knows no worry?

Here are my 4 tips to restore harmony and forward focus.

  • Breathe. Slow and deepen your breath. Feel into where the worry is sitting, just observing gently
  • Next, connect to your feet, feel then on the floor and connected to the earth below. Then put your attention on your crown and feel or sense your connection to the Divine, to God
  • Put your attention on your heart, feel your heart beat and affirm that you release all your cares and worries to God, the Divine, the Universe, Buddha…
    Allow your fears to dissolve in the flow of divine love
  • Next visualise your cells sparkling with radiant light, happiness and joy knowing you are divine as well as human. (PS Flower Essences help superbly with this!)
    Get a sense of this radiance shining forth into the world and being seen by those you meet and those around you.

Many blessings as we allow doors to open, worry to dissolve, our hearts to lighten and our spirits to lift.


I’d love to hear below how this has this helped you relase worry and move towards hope and calm knowing. 

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