Change your mind with your body, and your body with your mind

We humans are wonderful creations that resonate with and are affected by vibration.

We have the power to shift and change our energy by changing our thoughts, acting differently, and physically moving. Every part of us is affected by the other. Our mind affects our body and our body affects our mind. For instance, our confidence, or lack of, will show through body posture, voice and clarity of words communicated.
A boss I had always stood when talking on the phone (pre mobile). This simple act of standing opened the diaphragm, chest and throat so his voice was stronger and clearer.

Want change?

Own the power you have and change your experience and your vibration through thought and action.

Feeling tired?

  • Take full five breaths
  • Meditate for ten minutes
  • Do the ‘feet up the wall’ restorative yoga pose

Feeling sad?

  • Lift the ends of your mouth and smile. Try it and see!
  • Do some short intensive heart rate raising exercises eg 10 star jumps
  • Visualise your cells literally bubbling with joy
  • Spend time in nature.

Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Breathe, breathe, breathe and breathe some more!
  • Stretch your body
  • Get your hands in some dirt, a spot of gardening or pruning will help
  • Sing and dance a bit

What actions of change can you take today? This week?
Enjoy the power within and may the change be with you