The Power of a Women’s Collective

As we draw closer to the end of 2017 I am reflecting on the ability and capacity we have to get through the tough stuff, to change the lens through which we see life, and to move forward with ease, grace and joy.

The healing power of women coming together was a highlight this year and I will definitely be including more opportunities for this type of connection and powerful exponential growth in 2018. Can’t wait! It is such a privilege to play my part in helping this occur.

A month ago, the ladies in my Zest group met for the final gathering of their nine-month course. What a phenomenal change – extraordinary growth and empowerment. Totally inspirational.

“I am standing in my own light, I know that I’m OK – that all of me is OK”
“I am now open to new possibilities”
“I trust myself and my instincts a lot more. “
“I am no longer drawn into other people’s dramas”

It has been so touching to witness the deep, long-lasting and powerful connections made between the women. My heart soared with their words:

“It was so supportive. It’s so cool being with people and thinking: These people really get me.”
“Loved meeting with very special ladies each month who were so honest, open and inspiring – and the learning and discussions and laughter and tears that were all part of each month’s gathering.”

Before they joined Zest, some of these women felt isolated, disempowered, shy, disconnected, in a void, the odd one out, uncertain about the future. If those feelings sound familiar, you’ll understand how incredible it is to hear these women now say:

“I am a strong and courageous woman, who can stand my ground with grace and dignity”
“Fired a new passion for life. I feel my journey has begun and I am excited.”
“I have embraced elements and aspects of myself that have challenged me.”


Looking for 2018 to be a year of connection, confidence and joy?

I am inviting a small group of committed women who are ready to journey deeper, do life differently and bring some magic into their lives, to be part of my Evolving Soul Collective.

If finding your soul sisters and forming meaningful connections with those who ‘get’ you, sounds like just what you need, click here to join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when the doors are open: